Thematic Investment
made easy

with our revolutionary
Direct Indexing technology

  • as a Service
  • for all asset classes
  • to create investable indices by you and your clients
  • AI supported
  • mobile-enabled
  • with adaptable rule-based strategies
  • and seamless scalability
  • especially for thematic investments

ALLINDEX: Swiss-based, Global FinTech for Next Generation Indexing

+++ A combined 150-years of team experience as a Service +++

  • All Asset Classes covered:
    - Equities, Fixed Income, Digital Assets, Commodities, Currencies
  • Channels:
    - Mobile App “Create My Portfolio” CMP (for advisors and individuals) to enable self-service

    - Web platform (for institutionals),
  • Personalization:
    - B2B - Python Editor “Workspace” for more complex index creation and trading strategies
    - Point & Click “Wizard” for fast index creation
    - Let your clients design their own indices
  • Artificial Intelligence enabled:
    - Thematic Indices are generated and optimized on-the-fly
    - Proprietary machine learning engine
  • Straight forward data model:
    - Integrate YOUR OWN your own financial and ESG Data via our API
    - All major data providers supported
    - Leverage data from our ESG and carbon footprint data provider partners
  • Factor Investing is supported:
    - Create Smart Beta strategies
    - Use custom definitions
  • Scalability: Simultaneous processing of 250.000 backtests, results in seconds
  • Collaborate: Option to share index ideas in-house
  • Tax: Optimize returns via tax-loss-harvesting options
  • Operations:
    - In-house index administration in-house
    - Use of our partner companies
  • Deployment: Cloud or on-premise, as white-labelled B2B / B2B2C platform
  • Regulation: BMR (EU) and IOSCO compliant
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