Are you an Index Provider?

No, we are a technology provider. 
We have the capability to offer these services, but they are ancillary to our core offering.

Which Financial and ESG Data Is Supported?

  • Existing Licences Via our APIs, you can use your existing data licenses
  • In-house Data You can upload proprietary data onto our platform
  • Partner Company Data We have several partner companies, e.g. ESG data from OWL analytics and many other venues we work with or introduce you to who can supply, digital asset, fixed income, currencies and commodities data.

How Can You Use Our Indices?

  • Intellectual Property You fully own the rights to the indices you created on our platform
  • Direct Licensing License indices created on our platform directly to your clients
  • Underlying for Financial InstrumentsPortfolios of (fractional) sharesStructured productsExchange Traded Products (ETFs, ETPs)

How Do You Support Factor Investing?

  • Smart Beta Our platform helps you apply factor investing criteria, like minimum volatility and momentum
  • Custom Definitions Given individual client preferences, we support custom definitions of Factors, e.g. you can define your own parameters for “momentum”

How Do You Leverage Artificial Intelligence?

  • Creating Thematic Investment Universes We build thematic indices and portfolios, leveraging proprietary machine learning algorithms
  • Recommendation Engine (planned) Distinct user journey based on clients’ interests, their past activity and peer group behaviour

Why Is ALLINDEX a “Social Indexing” Firm?

  • In-house Collaboration (Web Platform) Several stakeholders can edit, save and freeze models
  • Client Collaboration (Web Platform) Co-create portfolios, indices & quantitative strategies with your clients provide them customized solutions
  • Evangelizing Clients (Mobile App) Clients can share the results they have created with their network, helping you reach new audiences

How Do You Support Tax-Efficiency?

  • Combining Direct Indexing with tax-loss harvesting, including ESG/SRI filters and tilts
  • Tax-efficient portfolio rebalancing, evaluating the trade-offs between efficiency and tracking
  • Tax-efficient portfolio migration with optional tax budgets

How Scalable Is Your Solution?

  • High Volume Simultaneous processing of up to 250.000 back tests
  • High Speed ALLINDEX’ platform delivers results within minutes
  • Integration-friendly INDEX’ microservices-based, API-driven platform easily integrates with third-party applications

How Is ALLINDEX Customized & Deployed?

  • You Choose Your IT Setup ALLINDEX can be used in the cloud or on-premises
  • Your Branding All our services are white-labelled
  • Flexible Business Model and PricingDepending on your needs, we apply a B2B or B2B2C model, moulding into your revenue structure

What About Security and Regulation?

  • Top Security and Access Management Standards Multi-entity, multi-user model: Only your team can see indices created on our platform (role-based access)
  • Efficient Platform Support Processes Our “Index Golden Source” compliance suite creates significant time savings on reporting
  • Regulated by International Standards Fully BMR (EU) and IOSCO compliant