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Create My Portfolio “CMP”

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  • New & customizable universe (incl. ESG & thematics)
  • Transparent B2C and B2B tailoring at stock-level
  • Accelerated product development and launch cycles for partners
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What CMP delivers to you

Create My Portfolio

Investment Topics

Select an idea from our large range of universes across interesting thematics, ESG, countries or new trends.

Adapting to Your View

Customise your choice as you see fit. Make it more sustainable or diversify your chosen stocks.

Do It Yourself

Bring your own ideas to life by using our intuitive platform and build your own universes.

Testing Your Idea

See how your investment idea would have performed in the past and follow it over time.

How it works? Easy, just STIR it up!

and then manage your investment with control


Select from our wide range of universes or create your own.


Test the idea you have selected to build your confidence.


Directly invest through your broker account.


Now relax and track your investment via our regular updates.

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