Creating ​Bespoke Investment Themes​

Who We Help

Turnkey asset management providers (TAMPs)​​

With increased demand by investors for thematic investing, TAMPs need to find flexible, scalable, white labelled solutions for their network of investment advisors. ​The technology has to be cost-effective and not require them to increase their IT staff. ALLINDEX provides the complete solution.

Investment Managers

Whether for ESG, tax-loss harvesting, thematic investments or risk-optimization purposes; investors increasingly demand personalized solutions. Investment product and service providers can use our white-labelled platform in-house for new product development, or roll it out to their clients in order to create the tailored exposures that clients truly want.

​Exchanges/ Market Operators / IDBs ​

Growing competition for their data, these venues need to create bespoke indices to drive trading volumes, increase stickiness to their platforms. These indices will be tailored to specific markets where current indices are too broad and do not address the needs of their institutional clients.​

Market Data Providers

Revenue from benchmarks and indices are ~$4.1bln market with an 11% CAGR. ​ ALLINDEX technology is IOSCO complaint, flexible and therefore capable of running multiple index ideas, where users can build using any number of parameters and back test in minutes and run >250,000 backtests simultaneously.

ETF Providers, Internet Brokers, Robo Advisors

Build thematic Indices alongside their proprietary ETF’s. Allow the investor to tailor to their needs. Think the Electric Vehicle ETF is great but is too heavily weighted in Tesla? Let the investor tweak the exposure to better suit their own needs and beliefs.


Direct Indexing Explained

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