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Experience AI-driven solutions tailored for personalized investing on a global scale.

AI-enabled Stock Search

Our first-of-its kind AI-based tool enables users to search relevant companies associated with any thematic topic and see results in minutes. ALLINDEX addresses the problem with creating relevant thematic portfolios in an efficient and intuitive way.

Portfolio Creation

Take advantage of our technology to construct portfolios that align with your unique investment goals. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting, we can help you make informed decisions and create a diversified portfolio that suits your financial needs.

Tax Efficiency

Whether you’re an individual investor or managing a business portfolio, ALLINDEX provides the resources you need to make informed decisions, optimize your tax liabilities, and enhance the overall efficiency of your investment strategy.

Portfolio Optimization

Investment product and service providers can use our white-labeled platform in-house for new product development, or roll it out to their clients in order to create the tailored exposures that clients truly want.


Proven Technology

Available as a service.

Flexible & White Labeled

Your clients will only see your logos and branding.

Cost-effective & Fast

Build an Index or Portfolio in minutes with AI suppor.


E.g. 250,000+ simultaneous backtests

Engagement & Commitment

Interactive solutions

Multi Asset Class

Equities | Fixed Income | Digital Assets | Currencies | Commodities


Single Users


Multiple Users

Up to 5 $199 per user, then $99 per user in excess of 5. (exact pricing for multiple users TBC)


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